Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Biology Minor

BIOL 101Foundations of Biology4
BIOL 201Intermediate Cell Biology and Genetics 14
BIOL 202Evolution in Action4
BIOL (300-Level) courses12
Total Hours24

Students must also take CHEM 125 Introduction to Chemical Structure and Properties as a prerequisite for BIOL 201 Intermediate Cell Biology and Genetics.

Additional Requirements: 

General Education Requirements: 

All undergraduate students must complete the requirements of the Integrations Curriculum (IC) which is designed to ensure all of our students receive a liberal arts education. Please review details of the Integrations Curriculum requirements here

Graduation Requirements:

In addition to the Integrations Curriculum, all undergraduate students must meet the following minimum degree requirements to earn their degree from CSB and SJU. 

      Credits:  124 total credits, 40 of which must be from upper division coursework
           GPA:   2.0 or higher* 
Residency:   At least 24 of your last 32 credits must be completed at CSB/SJU

Please visit Graduation under the Academic Policies and Regulations portion of the catalog for additional details regarding degree requirements.

* Cumulative GPA as well as major(s)/minor(s) GPA. Please note some majors/minors may require a higher GPA to earn their degree.