Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Environmental Studies Minor

24 credits required 

ENVR 150Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ENVR 175Earth Systems Science4
ENVR 275Humans and the Environment4
3 of the following12
Environmental Health
Sustainable Urban Planning
Sustainable Agriculture Science
Environmental Geography
Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
American Environmental Literature
Gender & Environment
Environmental Politics and Policy
Science of Climate Changes
U.S. Environmental History
Energy and Society
Total Hours24

Only 300-level courses that are formally listed as ENVR are accepted as elective in the minor. Courses from other departments that are not cross-listed (i.e. BIOL 334 General Ecology) may not be counted toward the minor. Courses taken through other institutions (i.e. study abroad) must be approved by the department chair on an individual basis.

Additional Requirements: 

General Education Requirements: 

All undergraduate students must complete the requirements of the Integrations Curriculum (IC) which is designed to ensure all of our students receive a liberal arts education. Please review details of the Integrations Curriculum requirements here

Graduation Requirements:

In addition to the Integrations Curriculum, all undergraduate students must meet the following minimum degree requirements to earn their degree from CSB and SJU. 

      Credits:  124 total credits, 40 of which must be from upper division coursework
           GPA:   2.0 or higher* 
Residency:   At least 24 of your last 32 credits must be completed at CSB/SJU

Please visit Graduation under the Academic Policies and Regulations portion of the catalog for additional details regarding degree requirements.

* Cumulative GPA as well as major(s)/minor(s) GPA. Please note some majors/minors may require a higher GPA to earn their degree.