Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Music Major

The music department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a concentration music education (choral and/or instrumental for both elementary and secondary).

Acceptance to Major Requirements

Course Requirements:

MUSC 109Foundations of Music and Musicanship4
MUSC 110Music Theory and Skills I4
MUSC 210Music Theory and Skills II4
12 credits from Music Theory Courses12

Minimum Grade and/or GPA for required courses: Grade of C or better

Other Requirements:

  • Successful completion of 2 full-faculty jury exams upon completion of MUSC 109 Foundations of Music and Musicanship and MUSC 110 Music Theory and Skills I.
  • Recommendation of studio instructor and faculty vote at the time of application to acceptance to the major.