Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Campus Services


Quality liberal arts education is impossible without access to books and other educational materials. Both colleges have bookstores which provide competitively priced textbooks, available in new and used condition, digital books and offer a textbook rental program. The Bookstores also have a large variety of supplies, CSB/SJU clothing, insignia items, general books for leisure reading, health care products and snacks. For your convenience, you can charge textbooks and supplies to your tuition account for a short time at the beginning of every semester. For more information please access the bookstores' website at or call the bookstores at 1-800-420-4509.

Counseling & Psychological Services

The CSB/SJU Counseling & Psychological Services staff work in the CSB Well-Being Center (Health Center, Lower Level of Lottie Hall) and SJU Well-Being Center (Ground Floor of Mary Hall). The Professional Counseling Staff offer short-term individual and group counseling and psychological services for a wide range of personal, psychological, and academic concerns experienced by college students. In addition, workshops, presentations, and other programs are offered by professional and paraprofessional staff throughout the year on such issues as depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, alcohol and other drug use, and relationships. Students can access counseling on either campus.

Culinary and Dining Services

Service and hospitality are the primary goals of the culinary and dining service programs. The culinary and dining services seek to provide well-balanced and nutritious meals for the entire campus community in an aesthetically appropriate environment.

All students living in residence hall housing are required to be on a meal program. Both campuses offer traditional all-you-care to eat dining and casual, informal eating. Our traditional dining rooms have a wide selection of food choices in settings that encourage student and faculty interaction. There are also casual eating facilities on both campuses, with menus consisting of sandwiches, snack items, pizza and many specialty items.

Culinary and Dining services' role within the colleges also extends to services such as:

  1. Educating students on the myths and realities of wellness and nutrition;
  2. Student employment opportunities for students who are on a work-study program;
  3. Catering for all special meals, refreshment breaks or any function that is sponsored by a campus group and hosted by the colleges; and
  4. Planning and incorporating special event meals for students into the regular menus. (Events traditionally include holiday meals and ethnic dinners.)

Both dining services strive to attain excellence in service and to satisfy the needs of students, faculty, staff and the entire community.

Health Services

Health Services

Health Services has clinics located on each campus: CSB Health Services is in the CSB Well-Being Center (Health Center, Lower Level of Lottie Hall), and SJU Health Services is in the SJU Well-Being Center (Ground Floor of Mary Hall). The mission of Health Services is to provide quality, cost effective primary and preventative health care to meet students personal and CSB/SJU community needs. Travel consultations for CSB/SJU Education Abroad Programs and many of the immunizations/vaccines recommended for travel abroad are offered. 

Note: New students are required to submit their completed Health Form to Health Services. This may necessitate visits with their health care providers to review immunizations, and health history.

Health Insurance

Students are required to have health insurance. Students who are not covered under personal or family health insurance, may choose to enroll in the group accident and sickness (health) insurance policy offered to students. For further information, contact the CSB/SJU Student Accounts Office.

Health Promotion

College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University Health Promotion

The Health Promotion (HP) offices, part of the CSB/SJU Well-Being Center , are located in the CSB Well-Being Center (Health Center, Lower Level Lottie Hall) and the SJU Well-Being Center (Ground Level of Mary Hall).  HP professional and student (peer health promotion) staff advocate for a healthy campus culture and empower students to take responsibility for lifestyle choices and behaviors that result in enhanced well-being now and throughout their lives. By identifying and confronting health-related issues facing our campus communities, HP staff provide creative and dynamic services, resources, opportunities, and leadership.  The philosophy of HP is that as students increase their knowledge regarding their health they are empowered to make informed choices.

Information Technology Services (IT Services)

Information Technology Services is dedicated to providing exceptional support and resources specifically tailored to meet the technological needs of students. Their comprehensive range of services focuses on enhancing the student experience through technology. Services include academic technology support, networking, software and hardware support, cybersecurity, telecommunication, classroom services, and a knowledgeable help desk and technology training. IT Services ensures that students have the tools and resources necessary for academic success. They offer assistance with troubleshooting, setting up equipment, and maintaining computer systems, ensuring seamless connectivity and access to software applications. With a student-centric approach, IT Services empowers students to explore and engage in innovative ways of learning, collaboration, and research, creating a vibrant and technologically enriched environment that supports their educational journey.

The IT Services Self Service Portal is the gateway for anyone from CSB and SJU to access the various offerings of IT Services. Search the knowledgebase for on-demand answers to popular questions, open a support request, or find out when and where to ask a question in-person.

In order to use our technology services, students must agree to our Acceptable Use of Technology Resources and Information at CSB and SJU which sets forth safe practices to help protect our entire community.

Postal Services

There is an U.S. Post Office located on Saint John's campus in Guild Hall and another U.S. Post Office located in St. Joseph, near Saint Benedict's campus.

The Campus Mail Center on each campus distributes all mail and provides free delivery service for on- campus and inter-campus mail. Mail going off campus will require postage purchased through the US Postal Service. Notices will be sent to students, via email, for items too large for their PO Box. These items may be picked up at the Campus Mail Center during regular office hours. 

Please be aware: 

  • The SJU Campus Mail Center does not have refrigeration for packages.
  • Small packages/mail will be placed in your Student box. 
    • No package notices are sent for items placed in Student Box.
  • Students must check their Student Box regularly.

Please remember to use the following formats for your incoming mail via US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx or any other carrier:


Student Name
CSB Box # xxxx (fill in box #)
37 S College Ave
St. Joseph, MN 56374


Student Name 
Saint John's University
2746 Sexton Drive
P O Box # xxxx (fill in box #)
Collegeville, MN 56321

Your box # and combination can be obtained through the Banner Web Self Service link. 

Once inside the menu, click on Personal Information, then click View Addresses and Phone Numbers