Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Computer Science

Department Chair: Imad Rahal

Faculty: Heather Amthauer, Michael Heroux, Noreen Herzfeld, Robert Hesse, Peter Ohmann, Imad Rahal, Paul Schumacher, Vijay Tida, Srikanth Vemula

Problem solving is at the core of computer science. Beginning with the hands-on laboratory sessions in the first four courses of the major, all the way through your senior research project, you will hone your problem-solving skills. Study in the field of computer science provides both computer users and professionals with an understanding of what is computable, how it can be computed and how the power of computation affects human society. If you choose to study computer science at CSB/SJU, you will design and create models of how a computation could be done and you will often implement your model as a computer program. Along the way you will ask questions such as, "Can this be computed?" and, reflecting the ethical traditions that CSB/SJU were founded on, "Should this be computed?"

A degree in computer science from CSB/SJU will prepare you well to begin a career in computing or to go on to graduate school, but it is also a good preparation for employment in business, law, medicine, and many other areas where problem solving is important.