Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Global Health

Steering Committee: Jeff Anderson, Ellen Block, Mani Campos, Roy Ketchum, and Brittany Merritt

The Global Health Minor at CSB/SJU is a 20 credit interdisciplinary program that teaches students to think critically about global health challenges and solutions to global health problems. The program emphasizes the contributions that the social sciences and humanities – such as anthropology, sociology, history, communications and psychology – can make to understanding human experiences of health, illness and healing.

Students with a global health minor will be prepared for a wide variety of careers both locally and internationally in healthcare, public health, non-profit work and more.

  • Public Health
  • Medical School
  • Peace Corps/humanitarian agencies/NGOs
  • International Services/development/program management/disaster relief
  • Social Work/Social Services with diverse populations
  • Public policy/healthcare policy/policy analyst/consultant/government agencies
  • Health administration/health economics
  • Public nutrition/food security