Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition


Department Chair: Kelly Berg

Faculty: Kelly Berg, Terry Check, Jeanmarie Cook, Dana Drazenovich, Katherine Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Jennifer Kramer, Julie Lynch, Shane Miller, Emily Berg Paup, Aric Putnam, Erin Szabo

The field of communication studies how people communicate and how that communication constructs shared beliefs and shapes human community. Scholars of communication promote analysis of, and reflection on, the practical and ethical effects of communication in diverse situations, e.g. between individuals, in the public sphere, and in a variety of mediated contexts.

Communication courses are designed to provide students with the theory and skill necessary for college work and for personal and professional development after graduation. The department emphasizes written and oral communication skills, message analysis, and communal responsibility.


The Communication Department conducts regular assessment of specific department learning goals and objectives. Assessment is embedded throughout the curriculum and includes analysis of student work samples. Outcomes are evaluated to assess student learning and inform pedagogical changes.