Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Student Life

Residential Programs

As liberal arts colleges, the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's promote the development of the individual within the context of living and learning in community. As Benedictine institutions, we believe that living in community is of central importance to the student experience and all full-time students, first-year through senior, are required to live on campus. Through staffing and programs, the colleges create a supportive residential, learning environment which enhances the Benedictine practices of discerning one's purpose, strengthening one's practice of values, and supporting a just and caring community. Students living on campus benefit from connections with others, opportunities to develop a balanced lifestyle, use of campus facilities and the continued reflective exploration of their own faith.

The living arrangements on campus intentionally support the development of community and the individual. The colleges offer new students an opportunity to live in residence halls with other first-year students. In their second year, students continue to live in residence halls with other sophomore students. In their junior and senior years, students have an opportunity to select from a variety of housing options including apartments, suites, single rooms, and traditional doubles.

The Residential Life staff consists of upper-class students and professional staff who are resources and can assist students with connections to a network of support services. Residential staff can provide information on academics, career development, campus involvement, spiritual development, and life planning. The staff is an integral part in the college's focus on teaching students about living in a community. The standards of expected behavior reflect the values in the Benedictine tradition of worship and work. Through developing quality personal relations in activities, students learn about individual respect and responsibility for personal growth, sensitivity to people, stewardship of common property, and care for the environment.

While the residential programs are separate in order to address the specific developmental needs of women and men, the interaction between the residents of both campuses is supportive of the joint academic mission of the colleges. Residential areas on both campuses have computer connections to individual rooms as well as to common access computer labs. Residential staff both promote and plan social and educational activities outside of the classroom by supporting campus athletics, intramural teams, service projects, career development outreach programs, health awareness programs and a multitude of other activities across campus. Students who live on campus have a greater use of campus libraries, computer labs, athletic facilities, intramural facilities, and contact with faculty and staff. The lifelong friendships developed on a residential campus come from the quality of time students spend with faculty, staff and other students from both campuses. As Catholic institutions of higher learning, the residential programs of the colleges seek to promote a balanced practice of physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, recreational, and social living. An outline of regulations governing residential living can be found in each college's Housing Agreement and the Saint Benedict's Bennie Book or Saint John's J-Book. 

International Student Resources

Students from countries throughout the world are welcomed at CSB and SJU. Efforts are made to integrate international students within all aspects of the colleges' academic and residential life.

All non-native speakers of English enrolled at CSB and SJU are welcome in the English as Second Language classes, even those students who are not required to take ESL to fulfill their foreign language proficiency. Other support services offered include the ESL Coordinator, the Academic Skills Center (which includes the math skills, reading and writing centers), an international student academic advisor, international student mentors, and the Multicultural Student Services Office.

Multicultural Student Services advises students on F-1 visa issues and also does personal and cultural student advising.

Campus Ministry

It is the role of Campus Ministry to invite and nurture students, and all other members of our communities, in the Christian, Catholic and Benedictine way of life. Campus Ministry envisions itself as a catalyst of discussion within the two colleges. By engaging students, faculty, staff and administrators in ongoing conversations about what it means to be Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine, Campus Ministry hopes to empower our communities to bring meaning and authenticity to our mission.

To fulfill this role, Campus Ministry offers many programs.

Liturgy: Since liturgy is the "source and summit" of the Christian life, students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in campus worship. Besides the regular Sunday evening Eucharist celebrations on each campus, Campus Ministry also provides small group prayer, Bible study and reconciliation services.

Education: The Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults incorporate students seeking to join the Catholic Church to enter into this worshiping community. Campus Ministry responds to the Gospel by promoting peace and justice issues and groups on the two campuses. Campus Ministry sponsors retreats, spiritual companioning, speakers and panels.

Service and Social Justice: As Benedictine institutions, we strive for justice, the common good, and respect for persons. Campus ministry offers students many opportunities to engage is service and social justice that are grounded in Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching. Experiences integrate social justice and spirituality to promote an active and lifelong commitment to living both prayerfully and justly.

Ecumenism: Campus Ministry welcomes people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds through ecumenical/inter-religious gatherings, Muslim/Christian encounters, celebration of the Day of the Dead, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Advent celebration of diversity and more.

Campus Ministry calls forth and empowers student leadership through their student campus minister teams.  Students working in the Campus Ministry office, in conjunction with the professional staff, are involved in planning and implementing many of the programs sponsored by Campus Ministry. These women and men are to be the ears, eyes, hands and heart of our campus communities, giving witness to the risen Christ, as they serve with compassion.

CSB and SJU have Campus Ministry Departments on each of their campuses.  


The College of Saint Benedict's and Saint John's University realize the importance of intercollegiate, club, and intramural athletics in complementing a liberal arts education. As Benedictine, residential, academic communities, the two colleges encourage, in part through their programs in athletics, the development of life-long recreational interests, involvement in community activities, awareness of the need for common efforts, leadership skills and concern for physical and emotional health.

The colleges recognize that athletics help to promote institutional identity and visibility, to attract prospective students, to provide informal interaction between faculty and students, to maintain academic achievement and to sustain a morale that contributes to student satisfaction and retention. Intercollegiate varsity competitions not only benefit the student-athletes, but also provide a source of recreation for other students, faculty, staff, graduates and friends, as well as opportunities for the expression of school spirit.

Both the College of Saint Benedict's and Saint John's University are members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division III, and the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC). Both colleges support in principle and in practice the policies of the MIAC and NCAA regarding student recruitment, academic achievement, course selection, accommodations, and financial aid. The two colleges each control, budget, and staff their athletic programs through the same general procedures that apply to other departments.

CSB and SJU each have their own Athletic Departments please visit the sites below for more details regarding their programs and current seasons. 

Student Government

Saint Benedict's Senate

As a women's college, The College of Saint Benedict provides a unique opportunity for women to participate in leadership positions. Elected by the student body, the Saint Ben’s Senate (SBS) is the voice of the students of the College of Saint Benedict. The purpose of the Senate is to express views and suggestions to staff, faculty and administrators, to provide students with the best academic, social and cultural experience, to promote students’ rights, and to aid the College of Saint Benedict in operating more effectively in the interest of students. The CSB Student Senators serve on a variety of institutional committees, take on special projects, and are responsible for the disbursement of the student activity fee. The St. Ben’s Student Senate collaborates closely with the St. John’s Student Senate.

Saint John's Senate

The Saint John's Senate's represents the interests, concerns, and welfare of Saint John’s students. Elected from the St. John’s student body, the Senate works with the University’s administration to enhance all aspects of student life. The purpose of the Senate is to express views and suggestions to staff, faculty and administrators, to provide students with the best academic, social and cultural experience, to promote students’ rights, and to aid Saint John’s University in operating more effectively in the interest of students. The SJU Student Senators serve on a variety of institutional committees, take on special projects, and are responsible for the disbursement of the student activity fee. The St. John’s Student Senate collaborates closely with the St. Ben’s Student Senate.

Student Leadership and Engagement

Student life is vital to our sense of community at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University! The various programs Student Leadership & Engagement provide are integral opportunities for students to enhance their educational experience.

With nearly 100 student clubs and organizations, there are many opportunities for students to get involved based on their own interests. There are academic clubs, Club Sports, special interest clubs, and more. In addition, there is a student led programming team that is responsible for planning and implementing a wide variety of activities, events and programs that contribute to a sophisticated, integrated and compelling student experience.

We believe that successful student leaders will develop the ability to relate classroom learning to situations outside the classroom. Student leaders at CSB and SJU have unique experiences and learning opportunities that both increase the value of the collegiate experience and add to the ability to successfully navigate life after college.

Clubs and Organizations

There are abundant opportunities for student involvement and leadership development on The College of Saint Benedict's and Saint John's University campuses.  Various clubs and organizations exist to meet students' specific interests in a wide variety of areas including academic, cultural, media, service, social justice, sports/recreational and special interest.


A club is a group of students with a designated purpose who are not specifically regulated by a department other than Student Leadership & Engagement. Because the management of the club is intended to be a student learning experience, the day-to-day functions of the club are carried out by student members, although clubs must contract with an advisor. The advisor may or may not have an affiliation with the group and is chosen by club members. All clubs must complete the recognition process (membership list, registration form, constitution, and advisor contract) in order to be recognized by the institutions. Once recognized, clubs have access to the staff, resources, and services of Student Leadership & Engagement are eligible for funding from the Co-Funding Board (for joint non-sports clubs only) and for general coverage provided by institutional insurance. Clubs must be open to all students, must register on an annual basis and must abide by institutional policies in order to maintain these privileges.


An organization is a group that is closely tied to a department on campus and has oversight of that department rather than oversight by Student Leadership & Engagement. It is often in the job description of a department member to advise the group. Frequently, some funding from the department goes towards the group, although it is not always the case. Organizations cannot be funded by the Co-Funding Board. An organization does not have to go through the club recognition process, nor are they required to have a constitution. Organizations are asked to submit an annual registration form with a list of members, an advisor contract and a constitution (if one exists) to Student Leadership & Engagement each academic year for the purposes of record keeping. All students and student groups must abide by the policies in the Bennie Book and the J-Book.

Peer Resource Program

The Peer Resource Program (PRP) seeks to enhance the personal development of the CSB/SJU community. An extension of Saint John's Outdoor University, PRP focuses on leadership development by integrating elements such as healthy risk-taking, trust, awareness, wellness, and self-growth into both formal and non-traditional settings. To this end, the PRPs host programs including wilderness trips, Collegebound, and a variety of on and off-campus events throughout the year. In addition, the PRPs are trained to facilitate the low-elements Challenge Course which provides groups with an opportunity to examine themselves in terms of leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. The Peer Resource Program helps new student groups, challenges and aids in the development of existing groups, and encourages individual growth. PRP members are CSB and SJU students who receive continuous training in facilitation, listening, leadership, communication, and group dynamics.

Health Advocate Program at the College of Saint Benedict

The CSB Health Advocates is a women's peer health education and promotion group sponsored and supervised by the CSB and SJU Wellbeing Center. The mission of the Health Advocates is to promote student wellness by integrating living, healthy choices, and self-responsibility. The Health Advocates promote this mission by providing programming that encompasses the health of the whole person -body, mind, and spirit. The HA's often collaborate with the Saint John's University Health Initiative on campus-wide health education and promotion programming.

Health Initiative at Saint John’s University

The Saint John's University Health Initiative (HI) is a men's peer health education and promotion team sponsored and supervised by the CSB and SJU Wellbeing Center. The mission of the Health Initiative is "empowering men to care for themselves and others." The HI promotes this mission using the team members' creativity, energy, time, commitment and knowledge of health and health promotion to provide holistic men's health outreach programming. The HI's often collaborate with the College of Saint Benedict Health Advocates on campus-wide health education and promotion programming.

CERTS (Consent-Equality-Respect-Talking-Safety)

The CERTS team is a student/staff partnership designed to facilitate honest, open conversation regarding sexual health issues in order to foster healthy, safe decisions around sex and an environment that does not tolerate, accept, or condone sexual activity without consent.

Campus Recreation and Intramurals

The Campus Recreation programs at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University provide the opportunity for students and faculty to participate in a variety of men's, women's, and co-rec activities, including club sports. During the school year, each campus offers intramural programs and sponsors leagues including softball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, racquetball, soccer, flag football as well as other sports like kickball and dodgeball. One-day special event programs are also often part of the intramural schedule, such as a campus wide dodgeball tournament.  Information is sent to students prior to each intramural season. There is a variety of equipment available at the CSB Intramural Desk and the SJU Fitness Center to check-out for use as well. Each campus offers a fitness center and provides students with resistance training machines and free weights for strength building workouts.

CSB and SJU Adventure Programs

Saint John's Outdoor University hosts student-led events throughout the year. These programs focus on leadership development and outdoor recreation, building outdoor skills and character at the same time. Although several events are exclusive to the CSB and SJU student community, many of the programs can be utilized by the community, including the Challenge Course, campus fun-runs, and wilderness training programs.

The Outdoor Leadership Center (OLC) offers outdoor recreation by providing equipment and programs to optimize enjoyment of the outdoors. This student-run center provides equipment for daily and extended use and conducts workshops for students to learn the skills associated with various outdoor activities. The OLC manages the climbing wall and teaches climbing skills to both new and experienced climbers.

The Peer Resource Program seeks to give CSB/SJU students positive, substance-free opportunities to step outside of their comfort zone. This is facilitated by fellow student PRP members who are dedicated to creating an environment which promotes healthy risk-taking. These experiences are aimed towards personal growth, trust, wellness, communication, and group development.  

These experiences take the form of the three PRP pillars: on-campus events, wilderness trips, and challenge courses.