Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance Chair: Steven Welch

Faculty: Warren Bostrom, Lei Fan, Jaclyn Gabrielson, Wei Huang, Mary Jepperson, Zhenhu Jin, Jinwoong Lee, Lauri Miller, Brian Rademacher, Tonya Schmidt, Steven Welch

The accounting and finance department offers a curriculum designed to meet the needs of various student interests. The major provides the student the opportunity to develop a solid conceptual foundation as well as the skills required for positions in public accounting and private and governmental accounting. In addition, it allows students to prepare for graduate programs in such areas as business and law.

Accounting requires that students develop an ability to think analytically and to organize and categorize a mass of data. It further requires the student to develop an ability to synthesize the information and present it in a summarized fashion understandable to others. Citizens in a highly developed economic society must understand economic descriptions of its complex organizations and financial instruments. As accountants, our graduates will be expected to present and interpret financial information, both in writing and orally, to others in organizations and to the public.

Students majoring in accounting have a choice between the more flexible accounting major and the more rigorous public accounting concentration.