Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Athletic Eligibility

Saint Benedict's and Saint John's institutional policies are guided by the NCAA and MIAC regulations and any additional rules imposed by other governing bodies for competition.

To be eligible, students in their first semester of college must:

  • be currently enrolled in at least 12 semester credits.

To be eligible, continuing students must:

  • be currently enrolled in at least 12 semester credits.
    • students in their last term may be enrolled in less than 12 credits if they are enrolled in all courses needed to satisfy all remaining degree requirements.
    • NCAA/MIAC exceptions to the 12 credits may apply, with confirmation from the Athletic Compliance Officer.
  • be in good academic standing (Academic Probation Details).
  • any continuing student placed on academic probation (see minimum academic standards) is ineligible to compete in varsity athletic competitions.
    • However, the student may petition to continue to participate in team activities (practice, training/conditioning, and other appropriate team activities that support the student's progress toward good academic standing). (Petition)
    • The petition will be reviewed by the athletic director, relevant coaches, and a dean's office designee, usually Academic Advising.
    • The first step of a petition process is a conversation between the student athlete and the coach.
  • To be eligible for any intercollegiate competition, a student-athlete must be making normal progress toward a recognized degree and must satisfy the minimum standards of normal progress for the MIAC which are as follows: In the previous academic year (full-time attempt), accumulate an average of 12 credits per term. (This means a total of 24 semester credits). For students who have not yet attended for an academic year, normal progress shall be considered as accumulating an average of 12 credits per term.1
  • If a student participated in a CSB/SJU Study Abroad program and the grades from the previous term have not been received by the Registrar’s Office, the student may practice but not compete until the final grades are entered and their eligibility has been determined.
  • Transfer Students are considered “Continuing Students” when they have attempted one full-time semester at CSB/SJU.

Transfer Students are not eligible to practice or compete until CSB/SJU:

  • has a completed Transfer Tracer from each previous institution.
  • has an Official Academic Transcript from each previous institution.
  • and the CSB and SJU Registrar's Office and Compliance Coordinators have determined that all NCAA and MIAC transfer requirements have been met.

Removed from the CSB and SJU Athletic Eligibility policy effective 2/22/2024.