Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Probation and Dismissal

Minimum Academic Standards

The minimum academic standards expected of Saint Benedict's and Saint John's students are as follows:

  • First-year: a cumulative GPA of 1.80 at the end of the first semester and a cumulative GPA of 2.00 at the end of the second semester;
  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors: a cumulative GPA of 2.00 at the end of each semester.

Academic Probation

Academic Probation & Dismissal

CSB/SJU students are required to maintain the minimum academic standards of a cumulative GPA of greater than 1.8 after the first semester of college and 2.0 thereafter.

A student may be placed on first academic probation for the following reasons:

  • Cumulative GPA at the end of a semester falls below minimum academic standards,
  • Inadequate progress toward degree, i.e.; not earning at least 24 credits in the two preceding semesters.

A student may be placed on final academic probation for the following reasons:

  • Not meeting conditions of first academic probation,
  • Multiple failing grades in a semester,
  • A cumulative GPA of less than 1.0.

A student on final academic probation is required to sign a contract acknowledging the conditions of continued enrollment. If the student does not meet these conditions, (s)he will be dismissed without appeal.

A student may be dismissed for the following reasons:

  • Not meeting conditions of final academic probation,
  • CSB/SJU reserves the right to dismiss a student from the college for cause at any time.

Special cases of academic probation and dismissal will be subject to the judgment of the Academic Dean or the Dean's designee.

Consequences of Academic Probation

CSB/SJU students who are placed on academic probation are subject to the following consequences during the probationary semester:

  • Are ineligible to participate in varsity athletics; but practice may be allowed by petition through academic advising,
  • May be ineligible to hold any office or representative position, including club sports and extracurricular activities,
  • Are not eligible to receive an incomplete grade,
  • Must earn 12 credits during probationary semester,
  • Are expected to earn a grade of C or higher in all attempted courses,
  • May experience a reduction of financial aid.

Disciplinary Probation

Saint John's University students who are placed on disciplinary or academic probation or those who are officially sanctioned for whatever reason may be ineligible to hold any office, representative position or to participate in varsity athletics at the discretion of the university.


The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University reserve the right to dismiss students for infractions of regulations; unsatisfactory academic standing; unsatisfactory progress towards the degree; or other reasons that materially affect the health, safety, property, or welfare of the individual student, of the colleges or their processes or of other members of the college communities. The colleges reserve the right to require a student to undergo professional evaluation and treatment regarding personal health issues as a condition for continuing enrollment.