Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Computer Science Major

Acceptance to Major Requirements

Course Requirements:

CSCI 130Concepts of Computing: Science and Applications4
or CSCI 150 Introduction to Computing in the Liberal Arts and Sciences
CSCI 160Problem Solving, Programming, and Computers4
CSCI 200Abstraction, Data Structures, and Large Software Systems4
or CSCI 230 Software Development
One of the following:4
Essential Calculus
Calculus I
Calculus II

Minimum Grade for required courses: No more than one of the above courses has a grade below C

Minimum GPA for required courses: The GPA in the above courses is 2.5 or better

Other: Students will be conditionally accepted into the CSCI major if they have not yet completed all the courses needed for unconditional acceptance into the major but are currently enrolled in the courses which are lacking and they meet the other two criteria for acceptance on the courses completed thus far.


The Computer Science Department offers a major in computer science; Computer Science also offers a major in Data Science jointly with the Mathematics Department. Students may not double major in Computer Science and Data Science. Information about data science major is in a separate section for that major. In addition, students may develop individualized majors which meet their particular interests. (See the section on individualizing a traditional major under Academic Regulations.)

Computer Science Major

This major focuses on the study and implementation of algorithms and the theoretical foundations of computing. It is appropriate for students interested in the full range of computing including software design, systems analysis, and graduate study in computer science.