Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition


Department Chair: Amy Grinsteiner

Faculty: Michael Alexander; Brendon Bushman; Sarah Bylsma; Brian Campbell; Scott Campbell;Christopher Dickhaus; Lisa Drontle; Jennifer Gerth; Jacob Grewe; Amy Grinsteiner; Maia Hamann; Samuel Holmberg; Jack Johnson; Gyehyun Jung; Adam Kluck; Robert Koopmann, Omar Macias; Ana Miller; Bradley Miller; Ryan Picone; Shari Rothman; Andrew Towsey-Grishaw; Yauheniya Trubnikava; Anna Ward; Justin Zanchuk,

Music, one of the core Liberal Arts, is an expression of the human condition. The CSB/SJU Music Department seeks to deepen students' understanding and appreciation of music through challenging courses, excellent choral and instrumental ensembles, and a comprehensive array of individual studio lessons. Above all, the music department seeks to foster a life-long engagement with the art of music.

Performance is at the heart of the music program. Extensive musical opportunities are available for all students on campus regardless of their chosen major. All students are encouraged to participate in ensembles along with music majors and minors (pending audition), and all students are welcome to take studio lessons with permission of the instructor. The department offers courses designed for both the common curriculum and the music major or minor, depending on the students' level of interest and commitment.

The CSB/SJU Music Department is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).


Assessment and review of student performance in music is compiled every semester and reviewed by faculty; additionally, students complete a self-assessment for each performance jury examination. Curricular review of all classroom activity, applied lessons, and ensembles, is done by the faculty on a rotating schedule, by division. Music majors complete a nationally-recognized Major Field Test indicating their level of mastery in music history and theory.