Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Public Accounting

Students in this concentration take classes in all the major accounting and business disciplines, which prepare them for success in passing the different sections of the CPA exam, as well as assist them in choosing a career path within the accounting industry. All US states' rules require applicants for a license as a CPA to have accumulated 150 higher education credit hours, as recommended by the AICPA. These hours must include 24 upper division accounting course credits and 24 credit hours of business-related or certain other accounting courses. Students should also be aware that many employers of CPAs require their job applicants to have accumulated 150 credit hours prior to beginning their employment.

Acceptance to Major Requirements

Course Requirements: ACFN 111 Principles I and ACFN 112 Principles II

Minimum Grade and/or GPA for required courses: 2.0 in ACFN courses