Academic Catalog and Handbooks

2023-2024 Edition

Liturgical Music (LMUS)

LMUS 406  Applied Piano  (2 Credits)  
Students will develop technical skills and knowledge of performance practices at the graduate level, including the ability to play a large variety of repertoire fluently and with understanding. Secondary organ students will develop sufficient techniques and familiarity with the instrument to play knowledgeably and/or coach others in parish settings.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 407  Applied Organ  (2 Credits)  
Development of technical skills and knowledge of performance practices, including the ability to play a large variety of repertoire fluently and with understanding. Study and performance of major works of significant periods and schools of organ literature. For secondary organ students, development of techniques and familiarity with the instrument to play knowledgeably and/or coach others in pastoral settings.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 408  Applied Voice  (2 Credits)  
Fundamentals of singing and vocal pedagogy (breathing, efficient use of voice, diction, etc.) addressing differing musical styles and their interpretation based on the performance practices of given periods in music history. Study and performance of significant bodies of solo repertoire. Technique and pedagogical skills appropriate to choral directors, section leaders, and coaches for cantors and song leaders.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 409  Applied Composition  (2 Credits)  
Individualized coaching in advanced composition of sacred music and music appropriate for liturgical use. Work in various forms and styles, depending on the needs and interests of individual students. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor and the liturgical music program director.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 410  Gregorian Chant I: Introduction  (1 Credit)  
Introduction to the basics of Gregorian Chant, with the primary aim of facility and confidence in singing easier Latin chants. Overview of historical development; Latin pronunciation; four-line notation and chant reading skills with text-based interpretation; simple psalm tones; introduction to modality; repertoire for liturgical use; conducting basics. Knowledge of the basics of music theory is expected.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 411  Gregorian Chant II: Advanced  (1 Credit)  
Expanded treatment of historical development, modality, solemn psalm tones, Latin pronunciation, and repertoire for liturgical use, with extensive study of lineless notation (St. Gall, Laon) and its application to the interpretation of advanced chant repertoire; advanced conducting. Prerequisite: Gregorian Chant I or equivalent.
Prerequisites: LMUS 410  
LMUS 412  Chapel Choir  (1 Credit)  
A liturgical choir open to all graduate students which sings regularly for worship in Emmaus Chapel. One third Gregorian Chant (in Latin and English), two-thirds choral music in a wide variety of styles including contemporary and world music.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 413  Chamber Choir  (1 Credit)  
Select Mixed Choir. Choral masterworks from the Renaissance to the present. National and international touring. Audition required.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 414  Men's Chorus  (1 Credit)  
Great choral works from Palestrina to the present. National and international touring. Open to all male students. Audition required.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 415  Women's Chorus  (1 Credit)  
Select women's chamber group. Choral music of representative periods. Open to all female students. Audition required.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 416  All College Choir  (1 Credit)  
Large Choral ensembles -- Mixed voice (upper voices and lower voices). Meets once weekly. No audition required.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 417  Gregorian Chant III: Interpretation Seminar  (1 Credit)  
Advanced seminar on singing Latin chant expressively, based on scholarly investigation of genre, modality, rhythm, and liturgical spirituality. Weekly readings in historical evolution of genres; singing of varied genres of chant (introit, gradual, office responsory, etc.). Weekly concluding lecture or, if possible 45-minute synchronous online session. Prerequisite: Gregorian Chant II or equivalent.
Prerequisites: LMUS 411  
LMUS 418  Gregorian Chant IV: Directed Independent Study  (1 Credit)  
Directed independent study in chant history, interpretation, and conducting.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 421  Liturgical Song  (3 Credits)  
Fundamental treatment of the nature of the liturgical assembly and the theological basis for sung congregational participation. Introduction to resources for all genres of congregational song – dialogues and chants; psalms, with emphasis on responsorial psalmody; service music and Mass settings; and hymns and songs, including historical survey of repertoire from various cultures. Principles of theological and liturgical appraisal of congregational repertoire.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 430  Conducting Techniques I  (1 Credit)  
Individualized small-group lessons on the basics of conducting techniques such as beat patterns, cueing, expression and dynamics, and score preparation.
Prerequisites: None  
Equivalent courses: LMUS 431  
LMUS 432  Conducting Techniques II  (1 Credit)  
Advanced study of conducting technique, including lab conducting of other singers.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 433  Service Playing  (1 Credit)  
Development of skills in leading and enabling the assembly's singing. Leadership and accompaniment of hymns, service music, and song forms. Sight-reading, modulation, transposition, and extemporization. With advising and instructor permission, may be in either organ or piano.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 434  Choral Literature  (1 Credit)  
Survey of repertoire for liturgical choirs, with emphasis on liturgical appropriateness. Practical aspects of programming choral music through the liturgical year and for various rites.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 436  Vocal Pedagogy  (1 Credit)  
How the voice works; healthy vocal technique and habits for vocal health; vocal exercises for practice and teaching; exploration of teaching repertoire. For singers, voice teachers, and choral conductors.
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 470  Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  
Prerequisites: None  
LMUS 501  Liturgical Music Seminar  (2 Credits)  
Students study musical and liturgical theology, including the history of liturgical music; official documents; issues, problems, and positions in liturgical music practice; worship aid evaluation; presentation of music/liturgy plans. This course is required each term for four semesters for MA Liturgical Music students.
Prerequisites: None